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Global Interdependence Initiative
CONTINUOUS PROGRESS Better Advocacy Through Evaluation
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References and Resources

Below is the aggregate list of references and resources used in Continuous Progress. Throughout the guides, there are references to various reports, evaluation findings, white papers and books from the growing body of knowledge on effective evaluation. Whenever possible, the complete document, or instructions on obtaining the complete document, is linked below.

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Build Your Advocacy Grantmaking: Advocacy Evaluation Tool & Advocacy Capacity Assessment Tool, Alliance for Justice, 2005.

Center for Global Development

Center for Media and Public Affairs

The Challenge of Assessing Policy and Advocacy Activities: Strategies for a Prospective Evalaution Approach, Blueprint Research & Design, Inc. for The California Endowment, 2005.

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Foreign Policy Magazine

Frameworks Institute Reports, commissioned by the Global Interdependence Initiative, various authors and publication dates.

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Green Media Toolshed

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